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Basic (Standard) CPAP



CPAP РContinuous positive airway pressure therapy uses a machine to help a person who has obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) breathe more easily during sleep.

A CPAP machine increases air pressure in your throat so that your airway doesn’t collapse when you breathe in.

CPAP Results

Those who begin using their CPAP devices, often begin to experience immediate positive results including:

  • Elimination of snoring and breathing obstructions.
  • Improvement in quality of nightly sleep.
  • Prevention or reversal of serious health conditions such as cardiovascular diseases and stroke.
  • Lower blood pressure both during the day and at night.
  • Increased alertness during the day.
  • Significant decrease of daytime drowsiness




This device delivers fixed-pressure with integrated humidifier and cellular connectivity.

CPAP machines can generate a range of pressures above atmospheric pressure, typically between 4 and 20 centimeters of water.