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Heel Cups / Cushions


Cups …

Absorb shock and reduce heel pressure with these innovative heel cups. Just slip them into shoes to ease discomfort from arch, ankle, leg and back pain. These patented, rubber cushions feature a waffle design that compresses and rebounds with every step

  • Shock Absorbers for Sore Heels.
  • Compressible ‘Waffle” Shock Absorbers for Sore Heels
  • Patented Design Compresses, Rebounds with Each Step

fo-10  9-length

Cups – Spenco Medical

  • Cushioned Heel Comfort
  • Slip-resistant design, deep heel cupping and honeycomb impact protection for ultimate heel comfort.
  • Dual-density TPR GEL

6-length   8-length fo-11

  • Cushions …
  • Thick, SpenCore®  Material Comfort.
  • Thick, soft pads cushion and protect the heel from impact and stress.