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Patient Lift


Trapeze helps improve mobility for the frail elderly, Parkinsons, MS, stroke, & neuropathy.


Standard Trapeze Bar

  • Wall bumpers and padded mounting brackets protect bed ends and wall surfaces.
  • Assembles without tools
  • Optional base allows trapeze to be free standing
  • Assisted weight capacity: 250 lbs. (113 kg)

adl-hydraulic-lift-04adl-hydraulic-lift-05      adl-hydraulic-lift-06

Hydraulic Lift (Manual)

* Heavy gauge steel construction
* 6 pt. spreader bar w/360 rotation
* Uses Lumex 6-point,4-point or 2-point slings
* Manually adjustable base
* Ergonomic placement of hydraulic pump handle facilitates ease of use
* Disassembles for easy storage
* Wt. cap: 400lbs.
* 1 year limited warranty on frame
* Floor clearance: 4.5″
* Lifting range min height: 24″(75.5″max)
* Max height: 77.7″
* Max base width: 39.7″
* Min base width: 25.4″
* Unit weight: 90lbs.

Reusable Full-Body Patient Slings

  • Designed with comfort and safety in mind, the full-body slings have a four-point hookup.
  • Can be used with either 4-point lift cradles.
  • Available in solid fabric, mesh, or mesh with commode opening.